GPLTC Academic Scholarships

Due February 19, 2019

   *  all GPLTC College and University Scholarships will be submitted online.   

To apply for an LTC Scholarship, a student must be registered in the current LTC Convention in grades 9-12. The evaluators of the applications will only have information that is given on the application and will not know the personal life of each student who submits a form. Completing the application in full ensures a student will be able to express all of his/her leadership work.

Students should realize that participation in an activity is not necessarily evidence of leadership. The scholarships are for those who have demonstrated leadership in church, school, and community. 

The application for academic scholarships, as discussed here, allow the student to be considered for two types of academic scholarships

**See page 2 of the manual "Important Dates" for the deadline**

The Great Plains LTC Convention will award scholarships to outstanding applicants in honor of George and Elaine Davis’ long and godly service to young people and to LTC. These scholarships are useable at any regionally accredited college or university. For the Davis scholarship, recipients must either use the funds within 5 years from High School graduation, or make special arrangements with the Board (i.e. military service, etc.).

There are Christian Colleges/Universities that partner with GPLTC in order to honor and encourage the leadership attributes that LTC promotes in students. A student who wishes to attend one of these colleges/universities simply should indicate this on the application.


The application is to be filled out on the GPLTC website ( and sent into LTC by the scholarship deadline. Clicking submit will immediately email the contents to the scholarship coordinator.  The de-identified information from the application is then sent to a committee comprised of experienced Christians who are: 1 - not members of the LTC board, 2 - have no children who are eligible for any of these scholarships, 3 - are experienced in evaluating Christian leadership, and 4 - are motivated to give out as many of these scholarships as possible.  

The scholarships are then awarded to those with the highest scores. After the winners are determined, the names are revealed and the award list is prepared. The scholarships are presented at the convention. The scholarship coordinator will contact church coordinators prior to convention to inform that a student has been slotted to receive a scholarship.

Please note that utilizing this form one time is all that is needed to apply for both the Davis and Christian College scholarships.


Any questions about this process should be directed to Shiann Metheny, Scholarship Coordinator 501-322-9206 or