GPLTC Mission Scholarships  

* all GPLTC Mission Scholarships will be submitted online.   

Feb 5, 2018 Application deadline

Any current LTC participant 7th-12th grade and LTC Alumni (high school graduate and participant during at least one of the 2014-2017 LTC Conventions) may apply to receive funding for a mission trip. Applicants will be divided into 3 categories: 7-9 grade, 10-12 grade, Alumni. Awards will range from $50 to $250, but not more than 66% of the applicants total estimated cost of trip.

Each applicant will be required to complete the online LTC Mission Fund Application by clicking the appropriate catagory link above. Points will be deducted for grammar and spelling errors.

A team of judges, composed of LTC Alumni, who have served or are currently serving on the mission field, will evaluate the application and involvement at LTC (and for Alumni, their activities at local church). The judges will assign a point value and 3 members of the LTC Board of Directors will make the final assignment of awards.

Applications must be submitted by February 5, 2018.  Awards will be announced at the LTC Convention in Rogers, AR.


Great Plains Leadership Training for Christ Board of Directors have designated the Sunday morning contribution to help fund these scholarships. As the mission fund continues to grow, we are dedicated to helping more LTC participants, current and alumni, serve in mission fields locally and abroad. Here are the number of applicants we were able to fund over the past 6 years.
2011:  5 
2012: 11
2013: 19  
2014: 33
2015: 23

2016: 13

TOTAL: 104